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Meet Nalen Ayurveda
Meet Do Bandar - Indian Goods Co

Meet Do Bandar

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Meet House of Wandering Silk - Indian Goods Co

Meet House of Wandering Silk

At House of Wandering Silk, textiles are not just textiles; they’re stories. Each piece is made by hand, bringing together the skills, traditions and cultures of artisanal communities from across India and Asia — and every artisan, place and technique adds to the story.


Meet Annahmol - Indian Goods Co

Meet Annahmol


Annah Chakola, founder of the Annahmol, describes herself as a world traveller and native daughter of Kerala, the lush green state on India’s west coast. Born into a family with a 150-year involvement in the textile industry, as a child she travelled with her mother meeting textile makers and artisans all over the Indian subcontinent. She spent many years honing her craft and gathering life experience before Annahmol (her childhood nickname, ‘mol’ meaning daughter) bloomed to life.
Meet ChandanWhittle - Indian Goods Co

Meet ChandanWhittle

Chandan Whittle

Born and raised in the UK, Kam Chandan-Whittle was always curious to learn about her Indian heritage. The vision for her colourful designs was born as she longed to discover not only her heritage, but also relive her childhood memories and learn more about her parents’ lives growing up in India.


Meet Dhora - Indian Goods Co

Meet Dhora


Dhora presents signature jewellery inspired by the beauty of the desert state of Rajasthan in India. Minimal and modern, each piece is contemporary yet classic in its form. Whilst the silhouettes are clean, each piece is handcrafted in the traditional manner by master Bengali karigars (artisans), with an unsparing attention to detail. In this manner Dhora is more than just a jewellery brand, but rather a meeting point of the possibility of design and expression.

Meet Claymen - Indian Goods Co

Meet Claymen


The New Delhi-based designer Aman Khanna creates beautiful, timeless pieces from clay, a material he describes as simple, omnipresent and yet very  individual based on the way one uses it. Instantly recognisable, his quirky characters and iconic forms are generated through a careful observation of the common man and life in general.


Meet Diaspora Co - Indian Goods Co

Meet Diaspora Co

Diaspora Co

Diaspora Co. was founded in 2017 to create a radically new and equitable vision of the spice trade, a system that is still quite unchanged since the times of colonial conquest and domination. Founder Dana Jhaveri champions both indigenous spice varieties, as well as a business model that is inclusive from end to end.


Meet Naviluna - Indian Goods Co

Meet Naviluna


Established in 2012, Naviluna are one of the first chocolate makers in the world to exclusively use organically certified Indian cacao beans, and India’s first bean-to-bar chocolate house. Based in Mysore, a majestic city in South India, they work with a terroir centric approach that showcases the wealth of the Indian subcontinent.


Meet Kara Weaves - Indian Goods Co

Meet Kara Weaves

Kara Weaves

Kara Weaves was founded by mother-daughter duo Indu Menon and Chitra Gopalakrishna in their home state of Kerala, in south west India. They present home textiles are contemporary, practical and beautiful — each product is made from ancient local fabrics hand-made at traditional wooden looms.

Meet Fiona Caulfield - Indian Goods Co

Meet Fiona Caulfield

Fiona Caulfield

Fiona Caulfield, the creative force behind the Love Travel series of guidebooks, approaches travel in a very visceral manner. Her aim is to seek out authentic local experiences, and meeting all kinds of local inhabitants to get to what is distinctive and classic about a place. As she explains it, "My perspective is not about presenting what has just opened and may be 'cool' right now. When I put things in my books I am looking for enduring special experiences. Few entries need to be replaced as I update editions, I think this is because I have a good sense as to what will last." 

Meet Runaway Bicycle - Indian Goods Co

Meet Runaway Bicycle

Runaway Bicycle

Born in 2014 in a one-bedroom Mumbai apartment,  Runaway Bicycle was founded to create access to clothes that felt comfortable before looking good. Now at home in a modest yet elegant studio, the brand focuses on giving expression to goodness in every sense of the word. A lack of experience in fashion and lifestyle is offset by a knowledge of traditional weaving techniques and a passion to incorporate comfort and beauty into everyday life.
Meet MoringaWhat - Indian Goods Co

Meet MoringaWhat


Sometimes simplicity can stun with its directness. Ekom Mamik encountered the drought-resistant hardy Moringa tree whilst working in rural Kenya — and seeing it used for various ailments by the local population started digging deeper into its history. Turns out this modest tree has its place in multiple civilisations over centuries, with the oil and seeds being used for skin protection and to moisturise.