We wanted to create a first collection that reflected Indian traditionality but with a Dutch simplicity.Read more


Varnam means colours, and it is an ode to the vibrancy of India. I attempt to bring my aesthetic sensibilities and design philosophy to traditional crafts, to re-orient them to the modern context through utilitarianism and functionality.Read more

House of Wandering Silk

I was greatly touched by the resilience of people living in the most desperate of circumstances and struck by the tremendous inequality I saw around me. I wanted to contribute in some way to addressing this inequality, and this was the seed for House of Wandering Silk.Read more

Love Travel Guides

Falling in love with a destination is just as exciting as falling in love with a person. Your senses become more engaged and you simply feel more alive.Read more

The Summer House

We want to design products that compel our customers with fast-paced lives to stop and enjoy life's little details and take it easy, to live with awareness.Read more

Bombay Duck Designs

I am a keen observer of life around me. I am curious. I find that most people are too busy to stop and look. I am interested in how people live, how they make their own worlds around them. I ask myself questions like why does a street corner in Japan look different from a street corner in India.Read more


Jewellery is the new outfit. In its variety of forms and materials, it offers a complete expression of one’s style. It is effortlessly stylish, easy to slip on and less unforgiving on the body than clothes. Jewellery is your loyal friend through size and shape changes!Read more


I'm drawn to worn out textures and odd forms, things like beautiful subtle reflections and shadows, the perfect balance that exists in nature. Everything has interesting patterns and textures; I love exploring architectural elements and playing with dimension, space and depth.Read more

Manu Ambady

My inspiration comes from people, travel, stories and other visuals I encounter. This project started off with me documenting Mumbai and its vendors, interacting with them. Some of them would talk, some wouldn't. I tried to understand them, notice the details.Read more

Leah Singh

I find my inspiration in all things geometric - from architecture to vintage textiles, floor tiles to industrial machinery.Read more

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