We asked Vyshnavi about the inspiration behind Dvibhumi and her choice of jewellery as a medium of creative expression.

How did you get started designing jewellery?
I spent a decade in the advertising business across India and Singapore examining the cultural landscape of the region and crafting locally relevant stories for global brands. I travelled a lot through Southeast Asia and became increasingly aware that in its art, architecture, textile tradition, theatre and worship, Asia has compelling design stories of its own waiting to be told to the world. I wanted to combine the extraordinary jewellery crafting heritage of Asia and my own preoccupation with the cultures and arts of the region to design jewellery that tells a story.


My inspiration comes mainly from memories and travel experiences.


What is your perception of the role of jewellery in daily life?
Jewellery is the new outfit. If you're thinking of paring down your wardrobe, keep essential jewellery and fewer outfits. It is a wonderful time to buy more jewellery and fewer clothes.

I am deeply motivated by a need to transcend restrictive labels like ethnic, Bollywood, boho and traditional, and contribute towards a meaningful conversation about Asia’s stunning design heritage. I employ a studied restraint in my designs in an effort to invite meaningful dialogue instead of statements. Dvibhumi is therefore strictly off-trend, far-removed from bling, and appeals to the woman who seeks to know rather than show. And that is why I see myself as part jewellery designer and largely contributor to a new conversation around contemporary design rooted in Asian heritage.

Thank you for your time Vyshnavi! We wish you much luck!

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