The Summer House

Two talented and driven ladies decided that it was time to show the world the vision they had for urban, everyday life – and they do it living in two different cities! We spoke with Rekha and Shivangini about how they produce each collection and what their ethos is.

How do you source your materials and find the craftspeople you work with?
It really depends on the collection we’re working on. All our fabrics are either organic (so the earth is respected) and handwoven (so craftsmen get their due) or sourced from excess fabric lying in the warehouses of fair trade factories (so we reduce our carbon footprint). Our wood is sourced exclusively from sustained plantations. We've travelled the length and breadth of India, literally, to find the craftsmen we work with, the ones who will pay as much attention to quality as we do.


Our inspiration is our memories of our childhoods - when things seemed a lot simpler, with a lot more attention paid to doing things right. A time when craft and process were neither kitsch nor cool but just a way of life.


How does technology and urban living fit into the brand ethos?
Well, there are two aspects. First, we are mainly an online brand so, of course, technology is a big part of our presence. We live in urban scapes, as do our customers, so when we design products we do keep in mind that the products will be mainly used in urban homes. This means that whilst our processes are old-fashioned and complex, our designs are modern, minimal and functional. Second, The Summer House is an ode to slow living. We want to design products that compel our customers with fast-paced lives to stop and enjoy life's little details and take it easy, to live with awareness.

Thank you for your time Rekha and Shivangini! We wish you much success!

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