5 tips to care for your handbag
5 questions to ask yourself before buying a piece of clothing.

5 questions to ask yourself before buying a piece of clothing.

Whether you’re committed to buying only fair or vintage fashion or are new to the process and want to get started, here are some questions you can ask whilst picking a piece of clothing to make sure its not just fabulous but also fair and sustainable.
Indian golden sweet salty cumin cookies biscuits Dishoom cookbook recipe copper plate tea chai

Dishoom’s addictively good jeera (cumin) biscuits

Snacks have a hallowed place in Indian cuisine. They’re the thing you reach for at in-between moments: mid-mornings or afternoons; post-sunset and pre-dinner...
Our Best Ever Gift Guides

Our Best Ever Gift Guides

Here it comes: our biggest and best collection of gift guides ever. We've put together a whole lot of ideas, from small to big, all with a wow factor. For everyone you'd like to surprise from your best friend ever who’s always there to talk, to your dad who's picky with what he likes: All you need to do pick something, pack them up prettily, then sit back and enjoy the results.
image of five Indian cookbooks five morsels of love, dishoom, jhikoni, east and season

The fabulous Indian cookbooks I turn to for inspiration and comfort

Now that our evenings are longer and we’re spending more time indoors, I’d like to share the cookbooks I’ve fallen in love with and keep turning to when I’m looking for inspiration from India...
portrait photos of two women with dark hair in front of light walls wearing a blue jacket and a white t-shirt

Meet Namrata Sandhu and Valentina Santamaria of Nalen Ayurveda

Working long, hard days and feeling burnt out are fairly common, relatable occurrences in our modern times. Namrata Sandhu and Valentina Santamaria, however, used their experiences to explore older Indian traditions that promote balanced and healthy living. They founded Nalen Ayurveda based on their belief in natural ingredients and in the holistic mind-body-soul uniting systems of Ayurveda. Their goal is to promote a way of life focused on balance and happiness through simplicity and transparency. 

Profile of two ladies with long black wearing  blue and white blouses looking at a developed screen in a printing studio

Zeenat Kulavoor & Nargis Shaikh on Making Tohfa, Our Limited Edition Set of Greeting Cards

Designers Zeenat Kulavoor & Nargis Shaikh take us behind the scenes and share their experiences developing and creating Tohfa, a set of six greeting cards, exclusive to Indian Goods Co.
Weeknight Risotto for hungry, busy people

Weeknight Risotto for hungry, busy people

This risotto is for a night when you need a treat. Whether you’re home after a long day’s work or shutting your laptop at your desk-cum-so-to-be-kitchen table, the stirring will put you in a Zen-like state. Then 18 minutes later, dinner's done!

Green box and violet greeting card with screen printed image of flowers and gold Urdu calligraphy on a white table with orange envelope

Unveiling Tohfa — Limited edition Greeting Cards from Indian Goods Co.

Our first bespoke product celebrates connection and the joy of receiving a handwritten note. Designed by Zeenat Kulavoor & Nargis Shaikh, these beautiful cards are perfect for any occasion—also simply just to say hi.

aubergines stuffed with spices in an Indian vegetarian recipe in a white ceramic bowl on a Japanese-patterned fabric garnished with curry leaves

5 Easy Indian Classics You Should Master — And Make Your Own!

  If you're Intimidated by Indian cooking, here’s a set of five recipes to get you started. Each recipe will introduce you to key steps and once y...
Matar Paneer - Indian Goods Co

Matar Paneer

Matar Paneer is an Indian classic, a curry that’s buttery, indulgent and rich. This version is no less tasty, but much healthier—the flavour comes from allowing the onion and tomato base to cook down slowly, and the spices to assimilate in it. It’s the perfect a dish for a Saturday night, and tastes more decadent than the effort that actually goes into it—all you need is an hour max!

In Conversation: Viola Beuscher - Indian Goods Co

In Conversation: Viola Beuscher

In Conversation is a new series of talks with women we find fascinating: We want to hear their take on business, femininity & feminism, fashion, body image and the things that move them.


Just three years after setting up her ceramic studio, Viola Beuscher is an established name in Frankfurt and beyond. Her beautiful handmade pieces are everywhere you look: in discerning homes, Frankfurt's nicest cafes, restaurants and design stores. As a self-taught artist and young business woman her journey has been anything but breezy, so there's much she can be proud of. 

In Conversation: Eva Kim - Indian Goods Co

In Conversation: Eva Kim

In Conversation is a new series of talks with women we find fascinating: We want to hear their take on business, femininity & feminism, fashion, body image and the things that move them.


Eva Kim, who goes by the nickname Kim, creates beautifully poetic pieces from clay under her brand kimceramics. Her glazes are reminiscent of watercolours, and she shares the joys of the unpredictability of working with colour and heat through her Instagram posts. She invited us to her brand-new studio where she’s busy dreaming up an online store for her creations.