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Time for the weekend!

Hello everyone,

Another week's whizzed by—mostly in sunshine, which made it quite beautiful! Since it's a bit warmer, we're going to be planting some seeds for the balcony and maybe buy some new furniture for it, it's hard to believe that soon we can spend...

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It's the weekend!

Hello lovely readers,

This has been a week full of ups and downs—one giant up was that I took my first ever business trip to India for Indian Goods Co. It was super short, which sort of aded to the drama and I sat on the...

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Have a wonderful weekend!

a train speeding past in south sri lanka in the village of boosaDid this week fly by for you, as it did me? The days suddenly seem so much longer, and the glowing sunshine we’ve been having feel very much like Spring’s coming. It’s been...

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Friday Link Pack N°61

A traditional Sri Lankan house in the Dutch Fort area of Galle with flowering plants

Hello lovely people,

I hope you've had a wonderful week... It sort of feels like spring is in the air, I think I'm going to re-pot some plants this weekend....

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