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Friday Link Pack N°36


Hello hello everyone!

I hope your week has been filled with warmth and sunshine, as has mine! It has made such a difference: waking up to the sun slowly sending colour out into a clear blue sky just sets the tone for a positive...

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Fading Beauty


I’ve realised that wilting flowers make me somewhat uncomfortable. It’s a very subtle feeling and once it starts, I need to empty the vase — which means stuffing once-beautiful stems into the dustbin. Often, I need to fold them in half or...

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Friday Link Pack N°34


Hello everyone - after quite a long break! I was away for a while and decided to stay offline for most of that time, which is why I missed last week’s link pack. I had the chance to spend some time in...

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Friday Link Pack N°33


Hello everyone! How's your week been? And what are your plans for the long weekend? I'm going to spend a week away from technology in the French countryside, practising mindfulness and other Buddhist philosophy. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time and...

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#naturalbeauty N°8: Viola Beuscher


A few weeks ago, I discovered Viola Beuscher’s beautiful ceramic pieces on Instagram. She had a lovely reply to the message I sent her, and that led to us meeting in her light-filled kitchen a couple of days later. Viola is lovely and...

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Friday Link Pack N° 32


Hello everyone! How are you and how’s your week been? I walked out into yet another icy morning and it snowed before lunch, it feels like an unending winter here. What are you doing this weekend? We’re visiting F’s best friend and...

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Caramelised Onion, Leek and Mushroom Puffs


India is a vast smorgasbord of street food—walk down any decently sized street in any part of the country and the incredible variety of food you have access to is quite mind-boggling. Most of it is vegetarian, all of it is freshly...

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Friday Link Pack N°31


Hello everyone,

How’s this week been? It’s been a treat to have sunlight past 6 pm, even though it’s still so cold, it feels like change is coming. Today and tomorrow are packed with creative events: today is an all-day conference...

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