Friday Link Pack

Five interesting things that I came across this week...

Loved this photo essay of portraits of New Yorkers with headwear by photographer Ann Arbus. The image above is of Toshi Reagon, a musician and activist, wearing a beanie wiht a wordplay on the words 'she' and 'hero': its been my favourite word all week.

Such a beautiful summer piece by weekday. Love the styling in this image well.
(image via weekday)

A great article on why we need “White Space” in our daily routines: just as white space in design emphasizes the other elements and gives them room to be, so also moments and pockets of calm and non-doing give the aspects of our lives definition. An inspiring read!

These pimped up ice cubes are interesting and beautiful! Definitely worth a try...
(image: food52)

Love the colour palette in this image! It's sort of a great visual metaphor for our spring/summer that can't seem to make up its mind whether it should arrive or not...
(Image: Kangan Arora)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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