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A few weekends ago, our little team gathered for a shoot of the new products we now have in store - amongst others, our gorgeous marble and stone tableware by to&from. We were lucky enough to have the lovely Peter Muschol as a guest and he spontaneously agreed to help with styling these beautiful pieces. Besides being an absolutely lovely person that adores food, he has amazing skills when it comes to plating - perhaps not so much of a surprise given that he’s a talented chef, currently cooking up delicious food at Chairs in Frankfurt. Side note: if you haven’t already eaten at this amazing restaurant, you should: regional produce is transformed into delicious, seasonal dishes that are as tasty as they are beautifully presented. Peter took some super basic ingredients and transformed them into something completely different: it was amazing watching him work and the end results are works of art.

Here are three pointers we learnt watching him:

1 / For salad that incredibly fresh on the eye and the palate, wash the leaves in an ice bath and dry throughly right before serving. The ice-cold water really freshens things up.

2 / Texturise! Don't be afraid to crumble, shred and slice ingredients differently. Peter sliced the avocado lengthwise rather than in half and it made such a difference. He also cut the cheeses into different chunks, which made for great texture.

3 / Garnish in an unusual manner: Add finishing flavours like balsamic vinegar, micro sprouts, bits of fruit and edible flowers at the end and use them as to create the final flourish.

Thanks so much for your time, Peter! You can follow him on Instagram for more beautiful food creations and read more about Chairs here.

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Images courtesy Jonas Lenger

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