Care that helps clothes last 10x times longer

As cliché as it may sound, caring for our belongings, especially those that accompany us on our day-to-day journeys is the most reliable way of ensuring they stay in our lives longer. Yet given the pace of daily life and all the things that need doing, this attention and care means putting in more thought and intent that we’re sometimes capable of. This is especially true with clothing, considering that we live in times where the slightest sign of age means we’re expected to switch things out.

All our current clothing is made from natural fibres: cottons and silks in different weaves and finishes. Some of these fabrics are handwoven, many hand-finished with screen or block prints, or even hand-painted. To me, they’re different to the touch from other pieces I own; they seem more delicate in a way that’s hard to explain. These are all pieces to be worn through the day: they’re made for women that move around, travel, run businesses, play with their children, go to drinks and generally lead full, busy lives. They sit lightly and gently on the skin, whilst the hustling happens. And as with all things capable of a lot, they need some care and love at the end of the day.

Closeup of a brown-skinned Indian woman sitting in a meadow of grasses and wildflowers in Frankfurt, Germany wearing a white sheath dress of pure silk made in India

Here are some pointers, straight from the experts themselves: keep these in mind and maybe you’ll be able to hand some of your favourites down as vintage!

A table detailing how to care for garments made of cotton, linen and silk in order to keep them longer and maintain them well

An illustrated table detailing how often to wash different types of clothing from underwear to outerwear in order to maintain them best

Please remember that the advice above should be used as guidelines; always refer to the care instructions on each of your garments.

All tips courtesy The Summerhouse, a clothing brand we love and whose pieces we present in-store.

A brown-skinned Indian lady stands in a meadow of grasses and wildflowers in Frankfurt, Germany in a white sheath silk dress made in India


Photography courtesy Sonja Schwarz

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