Celebrate this weekend!

It's a sunny Friday—and I'm feeling all sorts of optimism for this weekend. We're going to an opening at one of our favourite galleries, I'm working all day Saturday (come say hi!) and we're picking cherries Sunday. What do you have lined up?

If you're in the mood, here are some interesting reads from around the Internet:

/ Quick pistachio and dark chocolate biscuits—baked and ready in 25 minutes. Bonus: They're gluten-free!

/ The insightful, funny Mindy Kaling on how she's not a long-suffering Indian woman.

/ A thoughtful long read: Becoming mindful curators of what we consume

/ Kate Zimmerman Turpin creates beautiful interiors that are layered, have personality and style and definitely feel lived-in (and liveable!)

/ I'm currently reading Be Like Teflona selection of conversations between women of Indian heritage living in the UK, presented alongside recipes that define their notion of home and belonging. Beautifully written and very well designed...

Have a lovely weekend!


Image: Sonja Schwarz


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