Gift Guide #1 · For Julia: who's stylish, loves travel and dancing!

Six ideas for a person who's full of passion, loves discovering something new, always has a great story to tell and takes time to really listen (and also really, really likes to dance.)

1 / A stylish, one-of-a-kind necklace handmade from vintage silk that can be worn at different lengths. It's zero-waste and as unique as she is. 

2 / A handmade cup for her morning tea—should cups only be circular? Also available in white

3 / Satisfy her wanderlust with a guidebook for the fascinating city of Mumbai. Printed on handmade paper, it's filled with tips, secrets and stories that will have her feeling like an insider.  

4 / A hand-embroidered silk scarf with two unique sides—perfect for when she switches up looks. Bonus: It's one-of-a-kind and the name of the artisan is embroidered into a corner. 

5 / For her sleek couch: this screen-printed cushion that's cosy to cuddle and also stylish, with a pop of neon orange.

6 / Invite her over spontaneously, make this in 15 minutes, open a lovely bottle of wine and savor the hours together. 

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