Gift Guide °3: For Maeva, who's a free spirit, loves colour and always has a smile.

Six gifting ideas for someone who's always interestingly dressed, loves pops of colour and bringing people together. 

1 / A sheer dress to party in or just to make weekdays special: sheer silk organza that can be worn in as many ways as can be imagined.

2 / A stunning bowl hand-carved from translucent white marble. To display fruit, jewellery or nothing at all. Also available in black.

3 / A graphic cover to dress up a hot water bottle pop colours and a quilted finish make for a great cuddle partner.

4 / Minimal goldplated hook earrings—less is, really, enough.

5 / Tiny throw cushions, embroidered by hand and perfect for many corners.

6 / Gift a home made jam or chutney: pick a seasonal fruit and dress it up as you like!

Happy gifting! Did you know we offer a customised gifting service and free present packaging! Send us a mail to learn more. 

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