Gift Guide #2 · For Mikko: who's creative, a connoisseur and has great conversations!

 Six gifting ideas for someone who's minimalist, knows something interesting about most everything and is a great listener.

1 / A cookbook that's at home both on the coffee table and in the kitchen, full of beautiful family stories and delicious heritage recipes.

2 / Handcrafted artisanal chocolate from South Indian cacao beans—the perfect accompaniment to a whisky or gin. The handmade paper packaging is a bonus.

3 / He's vegan but he still enjoys his (almond) cheese! Besides, this platter, handmade from mango wood is a beautiful object on its own.

4 / Morning coffee is a ritual and this textured cup with a dent just where it's needed makes for a soothing start into the day.

5 /  Cushion or piece of art? Graphic forms and minimal colours define this stylish pared-down accessory.

6 / Perfect cold-season food: Make a plate of these sweet potato-spinach cutlets and enjoy them together. They're packed with vitamins and flavour.

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