Daily Rituals: Incense for purification and calm

Lighting incense is a wonderful way to cleanse and purify both physical spaces and the mind. Here are some reasons why it's such an important ritual for so many cultures — and how you can benefit from making it a daily practise.

The tradition of lighting incense is part of daily life in India. The scent of woody smoke gently spreading through the air is an invitation to slow your breath and take a few moments to ground yourself in the moment — whether to give thanks for a new morning or to reflect on difficult moments in the day past.

Burning incense has its roots in different spiritual and religious traditions around the world, and frankincense is held to have powerful purification properties in removing negativity and bringing balance to the body and mind, aura and environment.


We use incense to support spiritual practices like yoga and meditation, because of its ability to create a calming environment. Our natural resin sticks are handmade in Kochi, in the coastal south of India. Made from natural frankincense resin mixed with coconut shell charcoal, each stick has a burn time of 15—20 minutes. They pair beautifully with our handcrafted ceramic holders, each of which is a unique piece.



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