Tips For Sleeping Well This Summer

Summer’s suddenly here and it’s been hard adjusting to the soaring temperatures, especially given how temperamental May was. Going from single digits to 39°C in the matter of a couple of days isn’t easy to adjust to and one of the areas I’m hit hardest is the bedroom, and the quality of my sleep. Hot, sticky, sleepless nights are a recipe for disaster for the day that follows, so here are a few ways to stay cool and get that much-deserved rest you need.

/ A cooling, refreshing shower

indiangoodsco_blog_stories_living_bedroom_summer_cooling_tips_natural cotton towel_handwoven

Taking a cool shower once you get home from work or just before getting into bed is the nicest thing you can do to feel instantly refreshed. Use lukewarm rather than cold water and some gentle soap. Pat the water off using a light cotton towel and allow your skin to dry naturally before putting on your lounge/ nightwear. 

 / Light, breathable homewear

indiangoodsco_blog_stories_living_bedroom_summer_cooling_tips_mul cotton handprinted kimono loungewear ethically made in india

Most warm days, this soft light kimono (above) is what you’ll find me wearing around the house. It’s made of unbelievably soft mul cotton, sits so softly on my skin and also looks fabulous. These lovely cotton house sandals from the H&M Home collection would pair beautifully with it. (The kimono is currently only available at the

/ Good ventilation

indiangoodsco_blog_stories_living_bedroom_summer_cooling_tips_muji floor fan compact ventilation

This is an absolute necessity for me—once temperatures rise, my trusty (and very basic) stand fan gets pulled out of the cellar and dragged all around our home—I even use it on the balcony. Having a fan is a life-changer and if you don’t already own one, I suggest changing that ASAP. This floor model from Muji is great choice: it’s compact, quiet and discreet, available in white and tucks neatly into corners.

/ Cool, crisp sheets

indiangoodsco_blog_stories_living_bedroom_summer_cooling_tips_hm_organic cotton bedding_cost-effective_lightweight

Fresh cotton in light colours is just what summer calls for—in and out of bed. Linen is the nicest option, because it allows your skin to breathe beautifully, but it can also be quite expensive. A lovely option could be this organic cotton set from H&M Home in white or taupe; slightly more expensive would be this set from Urbanara.

/ Soft, lightweight blankets

indiangoodsco_blog_stories_living_bedroom_summer_cooling_tips_lightweight cotton blanket

Put away your duvets—even the ones that are advertised as being suitable for summer. Switch over to something soft and made of cotton or linen—you can easily re-purpose a cotton or linen bedcover for this. Here’s a great option—bonus: it’s currently on sale!


Images: Vatsala Murthy (unless otherwise noted)

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