Enjoy a relaxing weekend!

This week felt like a lot more than 5 days were packed into it—so much happened! We ate cake and beautifully presented Japanese food in celebration of F's birthday, I have some beautiful new products that I'm excited to be releasing—and a giant project that's been slowly developing is almost done: a brick and mortar store I'll be sharing with two other amazing designers! More on that soon, though, this weekend is going to be a mix of work and fun—and if you're in the mood, here are some lovely reads from around the internet:

/ Formafantasma's WireLine leather and glass hanging lights are both poetic and clever—the power cord is transformed into one of the main design features.

This bedroom mood gets lots of points!

/ I watched Beyonce's Homecoming on Netflix the other night—it was moving, empowering and uplifting. 

/ A topsy-turvy new spot for Beats by Dre’s Powerbeats Pro headphones (from the director behind Childish Gambino’s This is America video).

/ I made this cake, we're still eating it and it's only getting better and better! Give it a try.

Have a lovely weekend!

PS: If you're looking for Mother's Day gifts that are thoughtful and soulful, take a look at our Mum Edit.


Text & Image: Vatsala Murthy

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