Fenugreek and Fennel Seed Detox Tea


No matter how healthy one tries to eat, the holidays somehow end up being a teeny bit excessive. There's not much chance when you have three whole days where eating delicious food—Christmas cookies!is the prime occupation. And that's not even covering  the wine that accompanies all the merrymaking… So I thought that a little recipe for a detox drink could be in order. I got this one from my homeopath in Bangalore, a lovely lady full of energy and health. She recommended it to me on my first visit and since then, it’s been a part of most mornings. I soak a glass before bed and then drink the steeped water first thing in the morning. The seeds get quite soft and chewy and I try to chew and eat as much of them as possible—they’re great for the digestion. You’ll find both fenugreek and fennel seeds at an Indian store, maybe also an Asian supermarket and a packet of each will last quite a while. I use about half a teaspoon of each for a 300 ml glass, feel free to vary the quantities as you see fit.

close up of fennel and fenugreek seeds on a marble platter


Fenugreek and Fennel Seed Detox Tea
Makes one glass

1/2 teaspoon fenugreek seeds
1/2 teaspoon fennel seeds
300ml warm water

Place the seeds into a tall glass and pour the warm water over. Cover and let the mixture steep overnight. Drink the tea first thing in the morning, warming lightly if you like. Try and crunch through as many of the seeds as you can, drink the rest down.

glasses with fenugreek and fennel seed detox tea on a marble platter

overhead closeup of glasses with fenugreek and fennel seed detox tea on a marble platter


Images: Vatsala Murthy


  • I’m hoping this will help my 32 yr old daughter who has suffered with IBS all her life as well as myself with esophagitis.


  • So good to read this dear Vatsala ! Thank you for the full of energy compliment ?!

    Dr Sita Bhatt

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