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Hello everyone, how did your week go? Mine was a bit of a whirl - my mother arrived on Tuesday morning and everything feels the same but so different since. We've chatted, spent quiet moments, eaten and shopped together. Caught up on gossip and stuff you don't chat about on the phone. I've slowed down a bit - it feels like being on holiday whilst sleeping in your own bed. Summer seems to have vanished in the blink of an eye. Its rainy and cold and overcast, which is so confusing for mid-August. The big task up for the weekend: getting the atelier into shop mode: buying and building shelves, arranging our beautiful products, getting set for the big birthday bash. More on all this in a bit!

Have a wonderful end to the workweek and a beautiful weekend. Here are a few things that might be on inspiration:


/ Characters in an untitled movie

indian goods co friday link pack nytimes jake michaels LA

A great photo essay of people in LA inspired by Cindy Sherman’s “Untitled Film Stills" by photographer Jake Michaels.


/ Pick 'N' Mix by Daniel and Emma

indian goods co friday link pack daniel and emma pick n mix table bench

indian goods co friday link pack daniel and emma pick n mix table bench

I've long loved the streamlined, sleek yet playful work that Daniel and Emma have become famous for. With the Pick 'N' Mix table and bench, they make their first foray into large scale furniture and have come up with a series that is playful yet sophisticated. Simple geometric forms combine in unusual ways to create pieces that are beautifully proportioned, and each can be completely individual based on the combination you put together. Available here.




/ The Plant Man

indian goods co friday link pack the design files plant man sydney home courtyard jungle

This young man transformed the small rear courtyard space in the terrace house he shares with friends in Sydney from a "run-down mosquito ridden mud puddle to a lush and leafy jungle." Simple amazing.


/ Cast Iron Bowl

indian goods co friday link pack needsupplyco cast iron bowl alison fox

Love this handmade cast-iron footed bowl.


/ Of Loss, Grief, Resilience, Love

indian goods co friday link pack yaa gyasi homegoing novel

I recently finished reading Yaa Gyasi's debut novel Homegoing. It was almost impossible to stop reading cover to cover, but there were moments when the storytelling got so harrowing, the situations described so hard to comprehend that they left me deeply shaken. What will always bring me to tears is the human capacity for cruelty and lack of compassion towards fellow humans. And there's plenty of it in this incredible story. Besides being incredibly well-written, it is also extremely poignant and atmospheric. A definite must-read.


Enjoy your weekend and the sunshine!


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