Friday Link Pack

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A few interesting things from the week...

A great article on slowing down and taking time to savour and celebrate achievements rather than engage in the "what else" mentality that seems so pervasive currently..
Image: VSCO


After four intense years and many spills, I think it may unfortunately be time to retire my beautiful white and black ikat tablecloth - see image above. I've been looking around and this minimal piece from hem is high on my list...
Image via hem


A beautiful photo essay on the many faces of Pakistan. Especially moving in current times, when the associations we make with this country seem so one-sided...
Image: Danial Shah


This delicate porcelain Treasure box from Saskia Dietz's Arita collection is on my wish list. "Handmade in the south of Japan, on Kyushu island, in Imary. In a valley behind the city of Arita... In former times this valley was guarded and no one could leave or enter just like that, it was the place where the porcelain for the emperor was produced and secrets had to be kept."
Image: Saskia Dietz


This bathmat makes me happy just looking at it!


Have a wonderful weekend!

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