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This week was a bit of struggle: sleeping too late, waking up groggy and not really being as on the ball as I'd have liked. I was in Barcelona the last weekend celebrating a friend's bacherlorette and bedtimes were very late, which is probably the reason behind my tiredness. Do you have days like this too? Is it ok not to be razor-sharp every single day? This weekend we're shooting some great new products for the shop, so it's been a couple of working days - and lots of fun, more on that soon!

Here are a few interesting bits from my week, if you're in the mood for inspiration and some browsing:


/ Why you will marry the wrong person

indian goods co friday link pack nytimes marry the wrong person essay

This collection of essays has a provovative title but a very real thesis: no one is perfect - not even us, so there is no 'right' person and we need to shift the focus away from the concept of perfection to understanding that relationships are work and need nurturing.
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/ Urban Pop

Coveting this bright art print by George Bryne for Urban Outfitters. 


/ The Egg Shop

indian goods co friday link pack the egg shop nytimes surprising facts about eggs

Founded by a husband-wife-chef team, the Egg Shop is an all-eggs-all-the-time restaurant on the Lower East Side in NY. Their menu sounds delicious and their first cookbook is out soon - a combination of recipes and a guide about all you need to know about eggs. I'd love something like this around the corner!


indian goods co friday link pack picnic strawberry gazpacho

Isn't this the most beautiful, romantic, atmospheric picnic ever? Love the styling and the mood..... Follow the link for a delicious recipe for strawberry gazpacho



 / Waif Jewellery

indian goods co friday link pack waif jewellery dalmatian brooch

It's hard to believe that the amazing jewellery in the Waif shop is the result of one lady's creativity and runs out of her garage. Stunning pieces (the Dalmatian brooch above is my favourite!), amazing styling and brilliant creativity: so sure she's going places!
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Have a wonderful weekend!

Title image / Grafitti / Vatsala Murthy


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