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Hello everyone.... it's the week that brings us to the last quarter of the year. How did it get to being almost October? We woke up on Monday in the beautiful Ardeche region of France, where we took a very spontaneous short trip to visit friends. It was such a much-needed break, in the midst of nature, delicious food and absolutely no schedules and deadlines. Shopping at the local farmers' market, gathering chestnuts, playing with kittens and reading (a newspaper!)  just really helped slow my internal pace. So if you have a chance to get away somewhere green and outdoorsy, I really recommend taking it!

For this upcoming weekend, some interesting links to browse through:

/ This incredibly inspiring story had me fighting back tears and cheering simultaneously.

/ 8 Pieces Of Ridiculously Good Biz Advice From Girlboss Rally Speakers

/ I’ve been in love with this chair for such a long time — and recently it’s been jumping up at me from all over the Internet!

/ A healthy, feel-good Instagram feed — and a great recipe for an everyday lentil soup.
(via Heidi Swanson)

/ A short, very illuminating read: The arguments we have from guilt: How our lack of love for ourselves pushes us into conflict with those that love us. 

Have a lovely weekend! x


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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