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Hello everyone. After a couple of weeks' break due to a slightly manic schedule, I'm back to the blog. Here are a few things interesting things from the week:

1 / Pema Chödron's birthday

indian goods co friday link pack pema chödron

Pena Chödron, one of the most influential American Buddhist teachers turned 81 recently. I discovered her a few years ago when a friend gifted me one of her audio books - and I’ve been a follower ever since. Her explorations of Buddhist concepts and her views on understanding and overcoming fear, suffering and difficult times are so wise and so full of practical advice and compassion and have been a source of strength and inspiration. Here is a great article on meditation as a tool for self-connection.


2 / An affordable - and - comfortable guest bed

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After a whole lot of searching, we may have found the couch/bed option for our guest room: this daybed from Ikea. We don’t have much space, so our solution needs to be sleek and space-saving yet very ccomfortable to sleep on - it doesn’t feel fair to out our parents or friends on something that looks minimal and designy but feels like a piece of plywood when you lie on it. And most nice sofa bed options are SO expensive, probably because they’re supposed to be centre stage in a living room, not hidden away in a guest room! This is a pullout with two mattresses and the minimal frame and pine means we’re racking our brains for hack ideas: so far we have painting each wooden strip a different color, pimping it with a velvet day cover or one in Marimekko fabric… stay tuned for more here!
Image: Ikea


3 / Bedroom Lamp

 indian goods co friday link pack swing lamps bolia vitra flos

I’m toying with the idea of a wall-mounted swing lamp for our bedroom and whilst my favorite is the Vitra Potence by Jean Prouve, I don’t think its particularly practical, with the naked bulb - and it is also just way out of my budget. These are three I’m into at the moment:

1. Flos' 265 (not exactly cheap at 750€, but still way better than the Potency) which I think would work singly

2. Twiiiitter from Bolia which I could imagine as a pair, much more affordable AND on sale for 143€ instead of the 205€

3. The Stretch Lamp, also from Bolia for 276€ on sale, which could also be interesting as a pair, maybe positioned side to side…


 4 / Summer in a glass

 indian goods co friday link pack joy the baker rose ice cubes slushie

I found this lovely looking drink on Joy’s blog and I’ll be trying it the next time we have a soiree, but my biggest takeaway from this recipe was: ROSE ICE CUBES. What a genius idea and how pretty are they!
Image: Joy the Baker


 5 / Being a male feminist in India

indian goods co friday link pack homegrown article male feminist india inspiration 
An interesting perspective (even though the term 'male feminist' feels a bit stiff) from India.
Image: Homegrown

Cover image: Vatsala Murthy

Have a wonderful weekend!

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