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Hello everyone!

How was your week? And what do you have lined up for the weekend? We had some very cheering sunshine here, I did a little yoga and ayurveda workshops that friends organized and hung out a bit with my mum who's visiting. And this weekend promises to be relaxed as well, dinner with friends and a mum-home-cooked Indian meal Sunday evening with F's family. That will be an event! Here are a few things that made me look this week:



1 / The Interior NY

This week I discovered the beautiful NY-based interior design and home goods store The Interior. It offers a lovely curation of sleek, beautifully produced goods. Two of my favourites from their selection: these beautiful Simple Storage Containers and this hand-poured candle with notes of sage leaves, tonka bean, and white pepper in natural white wax, in a specially made ceramic container than can be re-used after. I also recommend the blog!



2 / Stylish Tiny Beach Shack 

This is what you get when two creatives get hold of a little beach shack straight on the mouth of the Thames in Kent: plywood-clad functional minimalism. So amazing! Via Remodalista



 3 / How to take care of your clothes

Pragmatic and very practical advice from designers about garment, shoe and jewellery care. I'm sometimes so impatient with my things and have to remind myself that if I really love a piece of clothing or jewellery, the best way to have it longer is to be gentle with it!



4 / Spicy Tofu Tacos

I've bookmarked this colourful and delicious-looking recipe for our date-dinner evening next week... 



5 / Arno Beck at the Galerie Rundgaenger

Excited to be at the opening of this exhibition of paintings by the talented Arno Beck this evening, who uses analog painting techniques to re-create familiar digital scenarios, mostly of mistakes or system failures. We also have our eye on a couple of pieces.... exciting and a bit scary!

 Have a wonderful weekend!


Title image: Monika Schneider

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