Friday Link Pack N° 13


 This week went by in a bit of a blur and somewhere in the middle summer bid a very quick adieu and autumn seems to have set in. Darker and colder mornings and evenings seem to be the norm already and its not so fun... but hey! Its also been a time of some reflection personally and the politics of the world seem to add to a general sense that we all need some time to introspect, breathe and emerge into the new season with a differently nuanced approach. Here are some of the lovely, inspiring and fun things that caught my attention, made me catch my breath or just smile this week:

The most gorgeous apron ever!

Isn't this such a heartwarming hug? Such an inspiration.

Fell in love with this beautiful sideboard - made in by an all-female design collective in NYC!

Waiting to see this new collection in-store! 

What it's truly like to be a fashion model. Sobering.

A fearless voice silenced - in my home city. Rest in peace Ms Lankesh.

From the incredible Ms Perel - why happy people cheat.

Historic news about one of my favourite episodes of my fave show!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Ice-cream image: Vatsala Murthy

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