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Wintery temperatures and incredible amounts of rain were defining features of my week. It was perfect weather to start a fire in the fireplace, sit around with many self-created versions of pizza and chat. Given all the chaos and disaster happening around the world, it feels very humbling to have so much: food, shelter, electricity, safety, peace, stability. Love from family and friends. Things that we take so much for granted everyday but that can be snatched away so quickly. This weekend I'm going to a christening - my very first - of two little cousin sisters, born weeks apart. I'm a bit nervous - I don't have any idea what the rituals are and don't have anything to wear! But I'm also excited at meeting these two lovely girls - and taking the trip to Dusseldorf, where I haven't been yet! Lots of new coming up. What are you up to this weekend? And how was your week?

Below, a few things I loved from around the internet this week.

Have a wonderful weekend! vats x


This minimalist incense burner has such a calm and serene vibe. And it comes with hand-twisted rope incense!


Canned isn’t always worse than fresh: a lovely article on the canned mango pulp somehow made the distance between rural France and India seem smaller. AND it has a bonus 5 minute recipe for mango kulfi: definitely give this a try.


Love the product images for this minimalist, to-be-assembled-by-you watch!



“How many Rohingya have to die; how many Rohingya women will be raped; how many communities will be razed before you raise your voice in defense of those who have no voice?”

 An open letter from five women Nobel Peace Prize Laureates to Aung San Suu Kyi, asking her to break her silence over the atrocities being committed against the Rohingya.


This modern love essay about a ‘patchwork’ family brought a giant lump to my throat.


Title image: Vatsala Murthy


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