Friday Link Pack N° 17


Hello everyone! How's the week been so far? I think I'm mostly back in my groove and have had a pretty varied week so far. One highlight: I got to see the incredible Charlie Cunningham live in concert on Wednesday evening, which was stunning. He has huge talent - and is quite nice to look at! Tonight is an informal Christmas party and tomorrow we're going to be at this Christmas market in Wiesbaden, so if you're in the area, please drop by and say hi! 

Five things from this week that I found quite amazing:

/ Emily King makes lush, minimal and poetic music that I've had on in the background all week. Get a taste here

/ Amara Karan gave up a Finance career in London at the age of 23 to be an actress. And she’s made it big!

/ I think we’ve found our dream bed: this minimalistic model made from upcycled wood (funnily enough, it has an Indian name!)

/ Designed and built by hand for his family, this home by sculptor turned architect Anthony Esteves is minimal, stunning and so functional. So many great DIY ideas here - I'm going to try making the copper clothes hanger. Via

/ Have you ever considered a plant to be a piece of living art? Here’s some beautiful inspiration to bring greenery indoors - especially with this weather!


Have a wonderful weekend!


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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