Friday Link Pack N° 18


Hello everyone!

Didn’t this week just fly by? Am I the only one who realised halfway through that next weekend is Christmas? I’m still stuck in November — not sure why, but maybe it’s a phenomenon of having been away so long… I hope not too many of you are stuck in Christmas shopping craziness. What are your gift giving rituals? Do you give any at all? I’m not really a follower of Christmas so I really don’t expect anything. And this year we’ve explicitly asked for no gifts. Our celebration will be a small one — just F’s parents and brother — and I hope everyone sticks with it! Well, one bottle of delicious wine is allowed…

And as the last weekend before Christmas approaches, here are a few fun things from around the Internet.

Have a wonderful — and hopefully stress-free — weekend!


/ A beautifully and thoughtful guide to gifting by COS and The School of Life

/ Have you ever tried to do nothing? And in case you’re wondering, meditating or sleeping don’t count!

/ I recently had the chance to see the Ypperlig Collection in-store. Quite interesting - my favourite pieces were these boxes.

/ Six books on Tony Robbins' list! I’ve already ordered off a couple for the upcoming holidays...

/ Fell in love with this piece of art. And we have this beautiful book from the artist in-store.



Image: Vatsala Murthy

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