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Hello everyone: it's happening! The end of a year full of SO many different emotions and experiences is drawing ever closer. I feel a little nervous about the upcoming newness, it feels like that time when everything is naive and fresh and full of possibility and then slowly some of that starts dropping away. Have you made resolutions? What are you doing to bring in the new year? I haven't made any lists, I feel like there are just a few things I'd like to focus on. Like not wasting all of the first day of the year, so I'm hoping to party a bit responsibly! We're invited to our friends' place with many other lovely people, everyone's been asked to bring Middle-Eastern inspired food and there'll be delicious drinks as well. We hope to catch a small, intimate dinner for two before joining the crowd!

And now, some inspiration from around the web this week:

/ An inspiring young #ladyboss from India, running an independent business and empowering women in the process


/ A beautiful, airy Danish-inspired holiday home on Shelter Island. Love the openness and the plants indoors.

/ Would you consider practising moving without a goal or intention — but for the purpose of being mindful? Here are three mindful movements from Thich Nhat Hanh

/ We made this delicious Coconut Red Lentil soup on Christmas Day: it's a firm favourite of mine and was very well received by F's family!

Have a wonderful weekend and ring in the New Year with lots of joy! xx


Image by Vatsala Murthy

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