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Hello everyone, what's your week been like?

We've been having crazy weather: snow, hail and storms popping out of nowhere, literally, interspersed with sun, which is always a treat. I had an amazing conversation with my business coach yesterday that's still got me on a high—besides being really smart and empathetic, she's just such an inspirational lady and I feel really grateful for our sessions. We're having special friends over for dinner tonight and I'm planning on serving Indian food, tapas-style, so lots of dishes but in smaller quantities—and with homemade naan. Fingers crossed that everything works out! A big highlight of the week(end) is going around to some of my favourite cafes, restaurants and spaces in Frankfurt, distributing flyers for the shop. I'm hoping they'll want to have them! So if you're in the city, kmaybe you'll bump into one!

From around the vastness of the internet, five things that caught my eye:

/ The lovely, compact Bandra apartment of designer Nimish Shah, featuring an interesting Gujarati-Scandinavian aesthetic and many self-designed pieces.

/ A beautifully curated Instagram feed filled with very interesting off-beat objects and images rendered in very serene colours. This Instagram feed is really beautiful— serene and filled with some stunning yet off-beat objects.

/ Perfecting the basics: the lovely Kathryn of Cardamom and Tea explains how to make the perfect pot of rice. Definitely worth a read.

/ The important difference between dieting and healthy eating. This really resonated with me - and from the comments section, many others (women) as well... we need to learn to eat with our hearts rather than with our brains!

/ How stunning are these earrings? I'd love one of these!


Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend! x


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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