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Hello everyone,

How are you and what's your week been like? I'm writing this on Thursday because this time tomorrow, we'll be on our way to our secret getaway weekend break. Friends of mine have been planning secret getaways ever since they got together: one of them picks a destination not too far away and make all the plans, and the other gets to go along and be surprised! I loved the idea so much that I shared it with F right at the beginning of our relationship — he jumped straight on board and planned our first getaway — and holiday together — to Valencia. With all the happenings of last year, we didn't make it anywhere else and I recently thought it would be nice to do it again: all I can say is that we're taking the train and not a plane (yay!), we'll be getting dressed up and going to a grand opera house Saturday night and I'm so looking forward to this little break with just the two of us. More details to follow, so stay tuned!

I've invited a few lady friends over this evening to explore the Atelier over wine and snacks, so I'm really looking forward to that! And yesterday was a great gathering of creatives (mostly ladies) at the Frankfurt edition of Ladies, Wine and Design — I met some really interesting people that I'm looking forward to maybe working with. So much talent in and around this city — it really made me happy!

And from around the internet, here are some things that caught my fancy:

/ I made this yum dish for the ladies' get-together at the Atelier.

/ These watercolours are so dreamy and calming.

This little girl stopped me in my tracks. LOVE her confidence and intelligence - and those beautiful eyes!

/ Stunning Japanese wabi-sabi interiors on a budget in the English suburbs.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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