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Hello everyone!
What's your week been like? Has it been a bit out of sync like mine? The crazy weather — beautiful sunshine filled days that are so bitingly cold have thrown me off a bit. I saw the most amazing sunset this evening and from the warmth indoors it could've been summer, but it's far far away in reality! Also, I hurt my left hand last weekend which has meant a drastic reduction in the things I can do - like typing, for instance! I'm so slow and that's been frustrating. It's also increased my respect for the number of things I rely on my hands for everyday and take so much for granted. It's been an exercise in practising more mindfulness and gratitude!

Here are some great finds from around the web this week, some real gems!

/ After a long search, I think I've found the perfect single candleholder (and it's handmade in Germany!)

/ Visit a seventh generation classical musican in Jodhpur, India and read about how he uses music to transform lives.

/ I’m waiting for figs to come out so I can make this amazing cake.

/ Elegant minimalism in a six-room guesthouse set in an 18th-century building in Lisbon

/ How to treat yourself without spending money or eating junk — a great read!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Image: Vatsala Murthy


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