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Hello everyone! 

What a week this has been — I hope yours was much better than mine, which was spent mostly in bed, sick and feeling very sorry for myself. I'm slowly getting better and feel so grateful for that! This evening, we have friends over for dinner (in a couple of hours!) and I'm cooking out of this lovely cookbook. We're having doswaffels — waffels made out of dosa batter — and I'm really excited how they'll turn out.

From around the web, here's some stuff that caught my eye:

/ This little seven year-old girl  from a fishing village in South India is a surfer and a skateboarder!

/ Isn't this floral arrangement so stunning? On that note: spring, where are you??

/ What is your driving human need? Take this quick Tony Robbins test to find out : mine is uncertainty!

/ Such an interesting NYC apartment: full of art and sass. Don't overlook the leopard-print sofa!

/ An inspiring interview with the high-energy Marie Forleo

Have a wonderful weekend!


Image: Studio Mondine

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