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Hello everyone! How are you and how’s your week been? I walked out into yet another icy morning and it snowed before lunch, it feels like an unending winter here. What are you doing this weekend? We’re visiting F’s best friend and his family, they just welcomed their third baby into the world! We’ll probably just get cosy, chat and catch up.

From around the internet, here are some fun and interesting things:

/ In love with this series of limited edition Wonderplant prints by the very talented Sarah Illenberger.

/ A two-day workshop near Mumbai that teaches you how to survive off the gird, hunter-gatherer style.

/ Bake this cake this weekend. And invite people over to share, otherwise you'll probably end up eating it all yourself.

/ An environmental psychologist explains how architecture - interiors and exteriors - affects our well-being.

/ These beeswax wrappers are a great alternative to plastic wrap and aluminium foil: reusable up to 2 years, they're washable, come in a range of cute patterns and colours — and are made in Frankfurt!


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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