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Hello everyone! How's your week been? And what are your plans for the long weekend? I'm going to spend a week away from technology in the French countryside, practising mindfulness and other Buddhist philosophy. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time and am very intrigued to see how the week goes and how I deal with everything.
Some interesting things from around the internet for your weekend:

/ A beautiful interview with artist Emily Halpern about redefining feminity after breast cancer, building resilience whilst being afraid and the story she tells herself in order to live.

/ I have a huge girl crush on the talented ladies behind Estudio Persona. They do fab interiors and create incredible pieces of furniture that I'm in love with. Like these stunning chairs, for example

/ Original sin, as told through Eve's instagram account - hilarious! ( I signed up for their Daily Humour newsletter and so far,  it's made me laugh every single time, without fail!)

/ Iconic - this is the man who invented instant versions of South Indian favourites (for years, I always brought back packages when I returned from visits to India — they always helped with the homesickness.)

/ Love this tote by Love Aesthetics - another clever, beautiful product from the Aetelier.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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