Friday Link Pack N° 36


Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve had a fun week. Mine was a bit mixed but mostly really lovely with some spontaneous stuff thrown in (including a couple of glasses of wine too many last night!) What do you have planned for the weekend? We have lovely friends visiting that arrive today and I’m really looking forward to hanging out together — the weather’s still beautiful, fingers crossed it stays that way!

Some fun, wise and beautiful things I found on the internet this week, incase you’re interested:

/ On productivity: How meditation can help you do more whilst thinking much less. A great read!

/ How unbelievably incredible is this necklace??? I literally stopped breathing for a couple of seconds when I saw it.

/ Artist Amit Shimoni has a wonderful series of illustrations of past and present greats in another avatar (I ordered the Obama print, love Gandhi and the Dalai Lama as well!)

/ A list of very wise reminders.

/ I need this piece for summer! I can think of so many ways to combine it with pieces (and colours!) I already have.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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