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Hi everyone,

Another week’s sliding past and I hope it’s been a good one for you! I slipped up last week and wasn’t able to post on Friday — we were travelling to a family event that had sad connotations and I hadn’t planned well enough. One highlight that shone through the sadness of the weekend was being a visitor at a Cowboy Club in Munich, a place that is a world apart from its Western European setting. I’ve never been interested in Indians, cowboys and aspects of the Wild Wild West and stepping onto the grounds of this club was really like walking back in time. There were horses, a saloon, log huts and more dead animals mounted on walls and ceilings than I was comfortable with. But more importantly, it is a space that allows people with a common love to gather together, to share their knowledge of aspects of a life most of us aren’t even aware of and to belong to this larger family. It was a touching experience and also fascinating to see the different types of clothes and costumes people wore there.

Here are a few interesting things I came across this week:

/ The NYTimes covered the wedding of two homeless people: it's touching and humbling to read their story and that of the people that organised the event.

This is the kind of brand I'd love to build: empowering, community-building and affirmative in every sense. Chapeau FanmDjanm

/ Everything about this shirt-dress is a big YAAAAS. Love the name too!

/ I made this for dessert on Tuesday (sometimes it's nice to be fancy during the week!) and whilst I couldn't eat any myself, everyone else loved it. AND it's easy to do!

/ Such a beautiful, serene image. It makes me want to pack my bags and go travel!

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Have a wonderful weekend!


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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