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Hi everyone! 

I hope you've had a fantastic week! I write this as the sun slowly goes up this beautiful Friday and in a few minutes, we're packing our car and heading off to Leipzig where my first pop-up kicks off this evening! We have a few lovely ladies coming by and I'm so excited to meet them! So if you're in and around, drop by at Cafe HomeLE from 6 pm on for a drink and some snacks. Prepping for the weekend has pretty much dominated everything this week — mostly mentally! But I did take time out to decompress and relax, and here a few interesting things I found this week:

/ Weekday's My Body My Image campaign for their Summer 2018 Swimwear collection is filled with beautiful images of so many different (authentic!!) bodies and completely realistic styling. Plus, I'm loving so many of the pieces they have, like this, this and this!

/ Meghan Markle's perspective of growing up as the daughter of an African American mother and a white American father. Sensitive and heart-breaking in places. It shows how far we still have to go in seeing people as THEY are, not which race they belong to.

/ I love everything about this collection of "Invisibles", from the objects to the styling and the stuning model. My favourites are the hoop earrings and the headband! 

/ When people ask me about India and women there, this is what I try to communicate. This is the India I identify with. Full of diversity, contradictions, fierceness, creativity and a whole lot more.

/ Fine Little Day has beautifully produced prints at very reasonable prices. A friend ordered this one and it is so fabulous.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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