Friday Link Pack N° 41


Hello everyone,

It has been such long time since I wrote here and this week's Link Pack is making its appearance on a Sunday, rather than Friday. This has been playing on my mind a lot, things have been so busy so far this summer! Wonderfully busy, full of family and friends—and (a first!) travel with the shop! We've travelled to Leipzig and Munich already and hosted popups there, I got to meet some really lovely people and all in all, it's been amazing. Our next popup starts next week in Berlin—so come by if you can! Here's more information, I'd love if you stopped by and said hi.

This week's link pack is a mix of lots of interesting stuff, so if you're planning a long lazy afternoon, maybe there's something here for you!

/ This book looks so interesting, but I'm a bit torn about whether to buy it—I feel that would sort of applaud and support a regime I find extremely repressive.

/ The beautiful detailing of a love affair with apricots, ending in a delicious recipe for apricot jam

/ The wonderful Tip column teaches you how to do a whole range of things. For example: how to be a confidant: If someone does divulge a hardship, don’t respond with unsolicited advice. People want to be heard, not fixed. 

/ We tried this recipe for Cabbage and Corn Okonomi Yaki (savory Japanese pancakes) and they were delicious.

/ A very moving photoessay of life on the fringes of LGBTQ Africa, commissioned by the Elton John foundation.

Have a wonderful Sunday! x


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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