Friday Link Pack N°43


Hello there,
I hope you've had a lovely week—what are your plans for the weekend? My sister and brother are visiting and we're doing a holiday together in Croatia, which I'm really looking forward to! My sister arrived earlier this week and so holiday mode has been on for a few days, and it's really nice to be officially on holiday in Frankfurt and just hang out during the week and not really think about work! The evenings are getting shorter as well, which is a good reminder that every warm day counts.

Here are some interesting pieces from around the internet for your weekend reading:

/ Through sheer accident, I stumbled onto the fact that WeTransfer (yes, the file sharing platform) has a huge blog with incredible creative content. I discovered the beautiful film Rafiki by Kenyan filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu that explores the love that blossoms between two teenage girls in Nairobi, within the constraints of a society that doesn't understand homosexuality. Watch the trailer and definitely check out the soundtrack.

/ Sarah Illenberger has a beautiful and, as always, clever new series of prints titled Solid Air. I love them all.

/ This wooden stool is a work of art—and super multi-functional. Use as a bedside table, side table, stool or just display it as a work of art. 

/ Delicate tangle feelings. A dreamy vision.

/ Would you take these Pillow Talk Cards to bed with your partner?

Have a wonderful weekend! xx


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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