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Hello everyone, 

It's been a week full of all sorts of things and one of the nicest was being gifted a bicycle by a friend. Just like that, out of the blue. Generosity, especially when it's unexpected, is indescribably heartwarming—do you feel that way too?

I'm so excited to see Thando Hoppa speak this Saturday at a conference in Mainz, she's such a beautiful and beautifully spoken advocate for embracing togetherness over everything else and so this opportunity to engage directly with her words is quite incredible.

A huge milestone this week: the India (finally) decriminalised gay sex and through this, effectively acknowledges the LGBTQIA+ community. The Supreme Court repealed Section 377, an archaic leftover from the British colonial period that penalised intercourse "against the course of nature" and which ensured that the gay community was never really legally legitimate. Such a landmark achievement!

Some weekend reading, if you're up for it:

/ A wildly original home in Barcelona that is less concerned with creating an interior rather than a reaction to space and light. Best seen to be understood—though be warned, you might want to rush out and start de-constructing and re-constructing pieces yourself!

/ Such a stunning outfit.

/ Jeff Bezos has an interesting piece of observation about people who are right a lot of the time.

/ Remember your colouring books from back when you were a child? I loved them so much and think  this idea is amazing—wouldn't it make a fantastic gift?

/ This is an amazing AND easy-to-make dinner.

Have a lovely, lovely weekend! x


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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