Friday Link Pack N°50

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Hello everyone!
How's your week been? I just smiled to myself as I typed this headline—it's the 50th edition of the Link Pack, which is cause for a little celebration! Thanks for being here! I should've  hit this mark a while ago, but hey, here we are now! Thank you so much for reading this column—I really hope you find fun and interesting articles and links here. I try to cover interior and product design, food, design resources, life and mindfulness teachings here and I'd love to know what you find most interesting. Which were your favourite links? Are there other topics you'd like see more of here? Leave me a comment, I'd love to know!

And now for this weekend's collection:

Stephanie Stamatis aka Stephanie Somebody is a multi-talented stylist and one hardworking lady. She creates beautiful tableaus using colours, textures and light. Also check out her beautiful Instagram feed.

/ This roasted veggie salad looks heavenly and is perfect for the wintery evenings! 

/ This NYC apartment made my jaw drop—full of energy, personality and plenty of customization (try and spot the Ikea bookshelves!) I've made so many notes off this one (that brown wall! the dining table! the extended cabinet!)

/ The School of Life has yet another great product: these Table Talk placecards are meant to initiate meaningful conversations with your fellow guests. Specially good for the upcoming holiday season and dinner party rounds! One of my favourites: "What have your learnt about yourself in the past year?"

/ Two minute meditations for anytime, anywhere. This is a beautiful read and offers many very practical tools for everyday living. I particularly love and practise the "goodwill" and "pause" techniques. 

Thanks again for being here and have a wonderful weekend! x


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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