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Hello there...

It's been a while since the last post here, and I'm sorry for the absence. It's been a busy couple of weeks, in the best way, though—lots of new goodies coming to the store. Our Beautiful Gifting sets are now ready to shop, both online and at the Atelier and I'm so excited about that!

How's your week been and what are your plans for the weekend? Here're some lovely bits from around the internet, if you're interested:

/ This colourful Scandinivian home is so impressive! 

/ Felicity Aston is an incredible lady that leads teams (and makes solo expeditions) to the polar regions. Very inspiring and definitely worth a read.

/ Love that this beautiful art print is very abstract yet so organic and warm. 

/ This adaptation of a traditional Indian recipe for a bread pudding was born from necessity in the refugee camps of Partitiona time and place without any celebration or comfort. This moving account really affirms how food— the making and sharing of it with loved ones and others—tides us through moments of unbelievable hardship. 

/ Be good at a related range of skills rather being great at just one thing. Very interesting—does it relate to you?

If you're in Frankfurt this weekend, be sure to stop by this lovely PopUp and say hi. Have a lovely one!


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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