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Hello lovely readers,

I hope this past week has been wonderful—are you already gearing up into holiday mode or are you dreading it? I've had a very active past few days: a really fun multi-sensory dining event had me in the kitchen all day on Wednesday and I learnt so many insider tips from these two guys. I've never seen Indian food plated so beautifully and it really reinforced why I do these events at all: to take Indian food out of the context that so many restaurants have boxed it into and present it with more variety, creativity and beauty! Sunday afternoon is a fun Christmas PopUp at the Brand.New.Love studio, so come by if you're looking for lovely gifts from local designers and some delicious coffee. I'd love to say hi!

Here are some fun things from around the internet, if you're in the mood:

/ A church that's been remodelled into a home, with space for artists in residence—all in white and black. 

/ Beautiful portraits of gay, male ballet dancers.

/ Amazing vegan terrazzo soap! Will this get you up earlier on cold winter mornings?
Via Love Aesthetics

/ This fresh and bright red curry inspired soup is definitely on my list of recipes to try!

/ Michelle Obama's memoir was a really great read: intimate, funny, honest. She shares her personal experiences in a wonderfully candid manner, talking about difficult patches with her husband, struggling with getting pregnant and dealing with hate. In a time where it feels like all everyone ever shares about themselves is AMAZING, its very heartening to know that everyone—even the amazing Obamas—have their ups and downs. I finished this book in one week, reading everywhere from the couch to the underground.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Image: Vatsala Murthy

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