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Hello everyone,

I hope you've had a beautiful week so far! It's the last weekend before Christmas and it feels like the celebrations are picking up pace. It's so lovely to be celebrating with all our different friends: we're going to two Christmas parties this weekend AND a little celebration at a gallery, all this partying seems over the top but also pretty nice! What do you have lined up? Are you going to be doing lots of shopping for gifts?

From around the web, some fun reads for your weekend:

/ Archana Pidathala generously shared this recipe for a five minute egg curry!

/ The eve of a new year is usually when we like to set our affirmations and resolutions for the upcoming year: I'm currently reading this interesting book and recommend it wholeheartedly—not just for next year but for lifelong change. 

/ Five cheap(ish) things to pamper yourself with: small gifts to yourself, that will have you smiling with delight at different moments in your day.

/ This beautiful LA bungalow is the perfect example of how minimalism doesn't have to mean cold, sterile and bare. Its beautiful colour palette and materials have so much serenity and beauty!

/ What is romance, really? Loved the comments section much more than the article. A sample: “Romance can be quiet, ordinary things done with great devotion”

If you're still looking for gifts, maybe our Beautiful Gifting packages can offer inspiration!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Image & Text: Vatsala Murthy

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