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Hello everyone! Its the last weekend before Christmas—what will you be upto? We have a dinner with friends at one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Frankfurt and have been busy getting ready for our house guests AND an upcoming trip to India! It's going to a blitz of family, food, books and cosiness—and I'm very much looking forward to it! What are your Christmas traditions and what do you most look forward to this time of year?

Here are some lovely holiday-themed bits from around the web, if you'd like to read: 

/ Some great ideas to wrap gifts beautifully—rather than "hiding" presents under paper, expert Matt Dick uses the covering to show off the personality of the object beneath.

/ Joy is a practise. A gentle reminder that beauty is right here, right now—and that whilst it takes some work, we can train ourselves to constantly and continuously become aware of the pinpricks of beauty around us.

/ I love the ideas in this post about throwing a festive party, French-style. The setting is that perfect fix of casual with refined and I absolutely love the table setting with all the greenery. Stealing this look for our Christmas dinner!

/ I'm going to be trying this easy lemon pie recipe—from Jackson Pollok's recipe pile!—to conclude our Christmas dinner.

/ And for moments when you need a break: I've bookmarked Ellen DeGeneras' new standup show on Netflix.

Have a beautiful weekend! xo


Image & Text: Vatsala Murthy

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