Friday Link Pack N°59

Hello everyone!

We're back in Germany and I write this bundled under a thick winter blanket. Sri Lanka and its balmy, tropical climate is so far away as to seem as in a dream! I've settled back into normalcy and it's good to be home after all this time away. What are your plans for the weekend? I have a few catchup dates and some yoga lined up, not doing two sessions a day seems strange now! 

If you're in the mood for some reading, here's some something from around the Internet:

/ Alice Mann invites you to prom night, Cape Town style. A beautiful, sensitive presentation of this American export within this unique context.

/ This Cauliflower Rice Pilaf has some rave reviews—is it time to make the switch from regular rice?

/ Can you list your top 3 values in a few seconds? (Use this list to select 10, then narrow them down to 3)

/ The elegant yet eclectic (and compact!) Paris home of Ben Mazey, design director of Kenzo, brims with personality, classic design silhouettes and a generous pinch of je ne sais quoi.

/ Congratulations Kangan Arora, on the release this week of her KA x Ikea collection! If you're looking for more of Kangan's work, take a look here.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm! xx


Image & text: Vatsala Murthy

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