Friday Link Pack N°60

a friday link pack with interesting articles including home tours and recipes with an image from the Kochi Mujris Bienalle

Hello everyone!

Did you have a lovely week? Were you a Valentine’s Day yay or nay? And what do you have lined up for the weekend? I’m planning on planting some seeds and getting planters ready-ish for our balcony. I feel slightly adult, planning in advance and not just running out to a nursery and buying readymade plants—which gets quite expensive! We’re also going to be visiting a friend’s newborn daughter, and that’s going to be special!

From around the Internet, some interesting things for your weekend:

/ I've started taking this immunity-boosting Ayurvedic super elixir (that I last took as a child!) It’s like a super-concentrated jam and all you need is a spoonful or so every morning.

/ This print is so simple, yet so apt (and very nicely priced!)

/ A home with a trapeze to swing on and some very lovely, personal details. It’s one of the most interesting home tours I’ve read in a while.

/ Lemon rice is one of those comfort foods you only eat at home—so definitely save this recipe (also a great way to use up leftover rice!) and make up a bowl of golden, lemony magic, full of flavour and crunch.

/ 10 tips no one tells you about keeping your bedroom fresh. I’m slightly dreading trying N°5 because I’ve never (ever!) vacuumed my mattress—have you?

Have a lovely weekend! x

PS: Have you read our latest #naturalbeauty interview with illustrator and visual storyteller (and yogi!) Costanza Coletti? She's wise, funny and so relaxed, I really recommend taking a look.


Image & Text: Vatsala Murthy

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Feb 21, 2019

Hi Vatsala and Falko

It’s Sue from the villa..🙏🏼👋🏼😑. I hope you had a good trip back and feel rested. We got home on weds morning after spending a few days in Ella and Kandy.

I loved Sri Lanka and felt so at home there – the villa/yoga/food were all perfect ☺️…. but best of all were the people. It felt wonderfully secure there, everyone was so kind and generous and hearing Nina’s daily teachings created a very warm and loving environment – I will definitely be back.

I have finally made a Whatsapp group to share photos, so if you would like me to add you let me have your number.

I am just about to start looking at the German tax stuff 😩So I will contact your tax consultant when I have heard back from the tax office. They are surprisingly difficult to get hold of!

Many thanks for helping me out and much love

Sue xxx

Sue French

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