Friday Link Pack N°61

A traditional Sri Lankan house in the Dutch Fort area of Galle with flowering plants

Hello lovely people,

I hope you've had a wonderful week... It sort of feels like spring is in the air, I think I'm going to re-pot some plants this weekend. I've also been looking for new ones, my current obsession is to turn our balcony into a tropical jungle OR a Japanese oasis this year. It's probably going to be a cross of both and whilst I'm labouring at that, here are a few fun things for your weekend:

/ This beautiful image is making me nostalgic for India.

/ A recipe that takes me straight back to Sri Lanka: Coconut pancakes with vanilla and cardamom by Tina Wagner of the lovely blog Spirited. Not just delicious, but also full of Ayurvedic goodness. (It's in German, so you'll have to translate..)

This Parisian architect-couple have been popping up on my radar a lot, and for good reason. Here's the kitchen remodel in their apartment: stunning, customised design and for under 4000€!

/ A moving interview with the Grammy-nominated musician 21 Savage on being detained by Customs Enforcement officials because of his "illegal" status in the US. 

/ Ecobirdy makes super-stylish children's furniture out of recycled plastic. I'm in love with the rhino lamp!

Have a beautiful weekend! x


Text and Image: Vatsala Murthy

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