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Hello everyone,

How has your week been? We’ve had some sun, beautiful and long-anticipated but clear skies have meant cold, cold weather. Last night we caught up with friends that have recently had a baby and were quite fascinated to hear how they’re focusing more on alternative ways of raising a baby, rather than the mainstream — no pram at all and “toilet training” from the get go, to name a few!

I was diagnosed with a malfunctioning thyroid earlier in the week: something that actually made me heave a sigh of relief. I’d had my doubts over the past few months and finally made it to a blood test and when my doctor pronounced the results, it was a “yes! I was right!” moment. My symptoms—steady weight gain and tiredness—I just brushed away in the beginning; later I started driving myself quite crazy thinking I was to blame for getting heavier week after week—what else could it be but poor, indisciplined eating and not enough exercise. It took a while until I realised I was working out three times a week and eating pretty decently, and that maybe something else was the problem. It’s been a bit of a shock to realise how harsh I was on myself and how maybe speaking with friends and family would've led to someone telling me to get my blood checked sooner. I didn’t realise how ashamed I felt of my symptoms and how much of a personal failure. So one thing I’m committing to is being gentler and also more realistic with myself and my personal assessments. And ladies, please get regular blood checks done—we’re more prone to such things!

And now down to business: from around the internet, five interesting things from the week:

/ Such a a beautiful moment of love! That look on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s face is quite indescribable!

/ Frankfurt has a store that sells just blankets, from all around the world, in all textures and colours.  This one and this one are my favourites.

/ “Be OK with what you ultimately can't do, because there is so much you CAN do” - one of a three step philosophy for a happy life. Very inspiring—and moving—I highly recommend this.

/ A serene, minimal and light-filled townhouse in London

/ Meet Monica Drake - the first African-American woman on the NYT print masthead who started there nearly twenty years ago as a summer intern.

Have a wonderful weekend! x


Image: Vatsala Murthy


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