Giving the gift of... attention


A few years ago, I changed how I dealt with the topic of gifting. I started a little wish list — when I found something I liked, I bookmarked it on a secret Pinterest board. There were all sorts of things here: a handmade knife, a earring, a cook pot, shoes — mostly objects I’d fallen in love with and wanted to remember when there was occasion for a treat. If someone asked me what I’d like for a birthday, I’d offer them my wish list and let them pick something. It was really handy for both parties: I got what I wanted and they had the satisfaction of gifting something I really liked.

Did this process eliminate the need for my loved ones to “know me better” or showed that they didn’t care? I don't think it didn't. Expecting people to read my mind sets a high level of responsibility on others. It could also be one that’s quite impossible to fulfill. So I’ve come to learn that if I’d like something — hug, raise, glass of wine, design book — I need to ask.

If you’d like to incorporate this practise in your life, here’s a handy little sheet that you can give your loved ones to fill out. I’m pretty sure they’ll be so happy you asked — and I'd love to know what responses you get back (and what you ask for!)

Click here to download the PDF. Print on an A4 sheet and use the pink lines as guides to cut into four lists. Happy gifting!

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