Happy Holidays!

After a hectic few pre-Christmas days filled with dinners, last-minute work, and some end of year spring cleaning, I’m taking a small break until the 3rd of January. It’s going to be a time filled with family and friends, eating and laughing—and I’m also looking forward to some quiet, reading and spending time with F.

Here are some favourites from the year, if you’re in the mood for some inspiration:

Our favourite people:

/ Fashion stylist Kelly Ekardt was also our model recently!
/ Nina Butler, global citizen, yogi and bundle of wisdom and energy
/ Sudheer Rajbhar, revolutionary artist and visionary for a more just society

Our favourite homes:

/ Located right in the heart of Frankfurt, this home is filled with modernist gems
/ Set in Swedish countryside, a bungalow full of fantastic details, self-made furniture and a fab colour palette
/ An ancestral home on the Sri Lankan coast, majestic in white and dark wood

Our best-loved recipes:

/ An Ayurvedic moong daal Khichdi, perfect to reset after the indulgence of the holidays
/ An easy healthy creamy mushroom-soy-stir fry
/ The 3-ingredient-chutney that will elevate anything you eat it with

Have a beautiful festive season, let your hair down and get some well-deserved rest! x

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