Have a sunny weekend!

It's almost weekend-time, I've had quite a lovely, event-filled week and am so enjoying this amazing warm weather we're having. I'm spending today and Saturday in our store, so stop by if you've time! I'm looking to lounge on our terrace with some friends Saturday evening and Sunday I'll be spending reading this amazing book. What do you have lined up?

Here are some very interesting reads from around the world:

/ Slow fashion on a budget—some very practical tips.

/ A NYC apartment that's a piece of art and an homage to mostly forgotten Japanese textures and materials. 

/ "Telling someone not to feel whatever challenging emotion is coming up is akin to telling them not to feel their temperature, their heart beating or their lungs rising and falling."

/ As usual, Archana Pidathala makes me yearn for "home" with her incredibly delicious food.

/ This dress. Incredible! (Bonus: huge sustainability creds!)

Have a lovely weekend! x


Image: Vatsala Murthy

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